Interview: SHERYL COLE

SHERYL COLE Sheryl Cole is both an illustrator and design director, influenced by Nature. When Sheryl’s not out curiously exploring the outdoors, she’s inside recreating that experience within her paintings, drawings and designs. It’s little wonder her illustrations reflect a playful, whimsical, childlike imagination with elements of the natural world. Sheryl’s work is mixed medium, […]

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December: PLAY

The theme for December 2015 is PLAY and was chosen by Sheryl Cole.  These are the artists responses… Pantomimus Photograph by Sophie Towers Play Watercolour and pencil by Sheryl Cole Flit Giclée monotype print on Hahnemühle cotton rag paper by Sue Beyer Count to ten Hand cut paper by Michelle Sanger Child’s Acrylic, pen and […]

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Interview: SUE BEYER

SUE BEYER In 2010 Sue completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with first class honours at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and was the recipient of a Griffith Award for academic excellence.  Sue also studied at the California State University in San Francisco. 

Since graduating she has held six solo exhibitions as well […]

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November: DIVINITY

The theme for November 2015 is DIVINITY and was chosen by Shona Wilson.  These are the artists responses… DIVINITY Installation and photograph by Shona Wilson Namasté Ink & Pencil on Watercolour paper by Sheryl Cole Breathe deep in the mountains to find peace Handcut paper by Michelle Sanger Divinity Giclée monotype print on Hahnemühle cotton […]

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AMANDA VAN GILS Raised and trained in Melbourne, Amanda van Gils now resides in Brisbane.  Known for her contemporary ‘motion landscapes’ Amanda holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Monash University and a Post Graduate in Visual Art from the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Amanda has exhibited in over 100 exhibitions in Australia, and overseas […]

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October: RELEASE

The theme for October 2015 is RELEASE, these are the artists responses… Anger bypass Mixed media by Denise Reichenbach Settlement Hand cut paper by Michelle Sanger Pandora Lifted the Lid Acrylic on gessoed paper by Tracie Grimwood Littoral Release Sculpture and photograph by Shona Wilson Strings Pencil on paper by Siobhan Kelley Take me to […]

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